WJEA journalism camp recap

Last week at this time I was surrounded by dozens upon dozens of high school journalists who share my passion. With our fearless adviser, Mr. Kaup, and fellow EIC, Andrew, I knew great things were sure to ensue. Being immersed in journalism for four days may not be everyone’s idea of a good time but I can’t imagine not having gone.

Student journalists, advisers, and Washington Journalism Education Association board members all gathered at Western Washington University for a weekend of intense learning and loads of fun!

I learned more than I ever imagine, and as cliche as that sounds, it’s absolutely true. At every meal we would talk about journalism and plans for the coming year. Every chance we had in between classes, we’d talk about what we learned and how we can teach our staffs when we get back in the newsroom. In every session I attended, the instructor gave us their email before they even began teaching, they wanted to make sure all questions could be answered if they didn’t cover something we were unsure of. Students everywhere were exchanging emails and phone numbers declaring they would call if they needed help in InDesign or Photoshop. It was so amazing to see the community we had even though many of us had never met before.

We were all nerds, I’m not denying that even for a minute, but it was glorious! My favorite part was visiting the Western Front’s office, the student run newspaper of WWU. We also stopped in Klipson’s office, one of the student run magazines at WWU. Being able to talk with collegiate journalists about their passion was inspiring! We shared ideas and received really wonderful feadback on enhancing our publications back home.

I miss the fabulous times already! I still wait every night for my phone to light up with messages from friends trying to coordinate our breakfast routine, but the notification hasn’t come yet, and I know it won’t. So I eagerly await September 18th, the day we all join together again for Journalism Day at the University of Washington. Until then, I have plenty to do in the world of Trojan Journalism!