A Year of Change

Justina wrote about journalism summer camp already, didn’t she?  It was one of those experiences that I will always remember.  I learned a lot. But something that stuck out was change, It seemed to be a theme at the summer camp, a lot of print publications were contemplating the change from print publishing to online publishing.

I really like this feature so I decided to put random text in the middle of my post

Though, for yearbook moving online really isn’t a problem but, changing the structure of the book and rearranging staff positions to create a “real life” newsroom is a struggle.  Changing tradition is something that can be hated. Tradition is important to Trojan Journalism, but in order for us to create the “best” yearbook traditions have to be broken and recreated.

Mr. Kaup and I have had many discussions since the 2013-2014 winter break about how we could make the 2014-2015 yearbook something different. The first idea we had was to modernize the yearbook’s design.  We are restructuring our staff to allow students more freedom to specialize in certain tasks rather forcing everyone to dabble in every area of journalism.

Another change we had was this year’s theme. Rahma and I have already decided the annuals yearbooks theme, which will allow us to explore new avenues of creativity (Like writing, photography and design.)

But probably the biggest change that most of you will notice is that the Invader yearbook staff is moving away from the traditional cookie cutter book and we are moving to a chronological book that will record daily school events. This is probably the scariest and most ambitious change we will encounter this year. If it works, this will explore more than just the clubs and teams at Auburn. It will allow us the flexibility to go one on one with students involved with sports, clubs, and other activities.  Our vision is to create a more inclusive yearbook.

This is a year of change and in order for things to improve we need to explore new ideas so that we can evolve to become something better. So hopefully we can build off what we have learned from the past and create something that records memories and experiences in a whole new way.

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