Behind the yearbook pages

If you’re reading this that means you’ve survived the first week back to school, congrats! It hasn’t been a normal or easy first week of school, our Trojan Journalism staffers understand the difficulties everyone has faced. We’re in a new school; no one quite knows how to get between the new building and north campus without being tardy; no matter how tech savvy your teacher is, they still can’t figure out how to work the new projectors; the stairs are beyond crowded and we aren’t quite up to the cardio that is three flights of stairs every hour. But, we’ve made it.

For our Trojan Journalism students, it’s been a week of exciting changes and new experiences. A new room, new technology, new designs, and new staffers. As EIC of the newspaper and a staff member of the yearbook, it’s been exciting for me to watch. Even in our short three days, we’re already becoming a family, picking up where we left off last year and welcoming in everyone new.

All that being said, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even now our Invader staff is hard at work on the yearbook you’ll be reading nine months from now. The greatest part? They need your help! Yes you! We want all your memories from Auburn High as the year goes on. We want to know what’s frustrating you during the first few days of school. We want to know your favorite part of being back in the classroom with your friends. We want to know what YOU want to see in the yearbook come next June. So help us as we bring you the 103 Invader yearbook, the book you have a voice in. But here’s the catch, you only have 140 characters on Twitter to let us know. Go open up your Twitter app, find us and make sure you hit follow, then use #MyAuburnExperience to share with us! We’ll read and retweet you and then ensure that your voice is heard as the yearbook comes together. No promises that everyone’s fabulous idea is going to make it into the final 280 pages, but why not try?

I look forward to seeing everyone’s wacky and crazy experiences as the year progresses. Until then, I hope all your experiences during the 2014-2015 school year are memorable!



High school has often been described as a form of the Animal Kingdom, where students are divided into groups and categories depending on their interests and popularity (let us not forget the memorable scene in the movie “Mean Girls,” where new-girl Cady Heron is introduced to the different “cliques” at the lunch table). Therefore, it seems fitting to compare the student body (in a very simplistic sense) to a group of predators.

This comparison seems particularly fitting during the scheduling period. Many factors are included in determining the value of one course over another: the teacher, the ratio of friends, strangers expected to back you up in case you missed an assignment, and former students’ assessment of the class, are all subconsciously swirling in the minds of students as they choose the courses that would lead them to graduation (or, to continue with the jungle analogy, figuring out the best course of action to survive and leave the wild savannah and to never return).

Due to much (and persistent) persuasion from newspaper Editor-in-Chief Justina Brown, I have been convinced to take journalistic writing as a class for my senior year. Having heard much of the class from said EIC, there are a number of things that I expect, namely: A lot of time on the computer (which quite honestly is never a bad thing); inside jokes; interesting, if at times possibly random conversation on anything and everything; and doughnuts (Justina was quite animated about this last expectation).

The improvement of a skill is somehow overlooked in any course. This is expected, since the main goal of the average high school student is usually just passing the class (or just having fun, depending on the student). But whether it’s in the ability to solve a new, seemingly irrelevant mathematical formula, the ability to finally serve a volleyball correctly, or the great importance of identifying the difference between a verb and an adverb in a sentence – in any course, some skill is improved at least a little bit.

In this course, I plan to improve my journalistic writing skills, after having left them to rust for four years since my last journalism class in middle school (though nobody should remember middle school, it having been universally accepted as an awkward phase that should never be mentioned ever).

However, this is not to say that I will not be surprised in regards to the course. On the contrary, I hope to be pleasantly surprised. But for now, I wait.

Our secret is out, we are blogging!

It looks like you found us, we’re sitting here working even through the summer months, after all, journalism rests for no one! Come September our Trojan Journalism staffs will be back at work in the newsroom, editing yearbook pages and writing newspaper stories. Until then, we want to make sure you’re ready for an exciting year at Auburn High! As part of Trojan Journalism and the launch of our interactive website in June, our editorial staff got together and decided we couldn’t stop there. Thus, our blog was born.

Behind the Spread is designed to give our readers an inside look into what journalism is all about at AHS. We’re going to have our staff blogging every Friday on a new topic. This will be the place to come in August after our editors go to journalism summer camp. This will be the website to check in the spring when our staffs are up to their eyes in write-off competitions at state and national conventions. This is where you want to check to find out our fun tips, tricks, and secrets for life! That isn’t to stay that our website won’t be updated or the newspaper is ceasing to exist, far from it. In fact, there’s likely to be overlap between this site and our news site. The difference is that this blog is going to show you what you won’t see in the newspaper or yearbook!

You can expect to see photos from the newsroom when we’re being a little crazy. You can expect to see behind the scenes interviews when we can’t keep everything in an article. You can expect to read about exciting events our journalists were able to participate in. You can basically expect anything!

Plan to check back here every Friday, we’ll be updating it sometime during the day. Plus, especially when we’re at conventions, we may be posting a little more often to keep you in the know. We want to take you, our readers, into the newsroom to show you how things look before spreads are sent to the printers and photos are glossy. We want to show you the rough edges, and the thrilling moments in between, in the hopes that you may find yourself blogging for us before you walk to get your diploma.

We hope you’re as excited to see what we’re doing in Trojan Journalism as we are to share it with you!


-Andrew, Justina and Rahma

Trojan Journalism’s 2014-2015 EIC’s